Queen of the Wolves (Clara Luzia cover)

Clara Luzia is an Austrian artist and a very new discovery of mine. Her version of this song is way less introspective than this, though - in fact it’s fast paced alternative rock. But I was so taken with the song, singing it too fast felt wrong. Like eating a whole box of chocolates in one sitting. I felt bad enough singing it with my voice being rough and out of shape from coughing for weeks.

The song’s mythical beauty is the reason why this week’s song isn’t in German, as it distracted me from my new found obsession with the I band Isolation Berlin. (Might still do it one day, though…) Next week we’re back to something more widely known - but being stuck on an island bent on isolating itself (UK), I intend to make a point of including European artists. Music has no borders.

On a side note, I love wolves. The song made me think of the novel The Wolf Wilder. It's about a girl who lives in the woods of Russia with her mother and a pack of wolves who had been tamed to spend their lives as pets of aristocrats - retraining them to be wild again. That's literally my dream job.

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