Coming Back To You (Leonard Cohen Cover)

When I was about 20 I applied to the exclusive German Institute for Literature with a very pretentious essay, trying to convince of Leonard Cohen's (and Bob Dylan's) Nobel Prize worthiness.

I felt like a heretic, and never knew if I wasn't chosen for one of the 25 places because of this, or if my creative writing portfolio was shit. When a few years ago Bob Dylan was the first songwriter to win the Nobel Prize, I sported an inner I-told-you-so smile for several days - although I reckoned Cohen would have been way more deserving. (Bob Dylan himself once said he'd happily be Leonard Cohen, if he could choose to be another artist.)

Lyrically, I've yet to find another songwriter who has the same appeal to me. Somehow the imagery just cascades over you, and pulls you down into a mystical world - infused with beauty and with sadness. As an artist I like how malleable his songs are, it makes performing them extremely enjoyable, and Coming Back to You is no different.



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