Living Outside the Box

My past is a country I'm glad I'll never have to revisit. 

I grew up being taught not to think outside the box. Unfortunately that’s usually where the good ideas hang out.  
I remember one day in my…


If Life Isn't a Cabaret, Something's Wrong

It’s hot. It’s a Sunday and I’m sitting in a friend’s beautiful garden, sipping tea, and looking out onto a spread of summery fruit and toast.   

Summer’s pretty much passed me by. I’ve literally just returned from a…

The Song I Found Most Difficult To Write


It started out as a poem, a villanelle. Set to music, it sounds like a bullfight. You might find it on my next album. 


Vanishing Trick (Smoke Mirrors and Trap Doors in the Floor) 


There's No Escaping Our Culture

Sometime this morning between 4.30 am and 6 am a strange realisation struck me: 
I’m more influenced musically by my own culture than I thought. 

I always thought it all began when I started binging on Rock and…

Patience, anyone?

I’ve got notoriously little of it. Possibly one of my biggest challenges in life. Finding patience. 

Where do you find it? 

If you could buy Patience seeds and plant them in your garden, I’d be very…

The Oppressive Power of Now

Life at this moment.  

The early morning sun is lazing on my face, my bare feet on the dewy grass. There’s an incredible bustle of birds all around me, either they’re not shy, or they haven’t taken notice…

Help. I Can't Stop Writing Sonnets.

Here's a work in progress. It hasn't got a title yet. 

I tried ignoring them, the moonlit calls  
The clawing, howling pack outside the gates,  
Who laugh at silver bullets and at walls  
And, waiting, set up camp,

Great Artists and their Working Routines

I’m just reading a book called “Daily Rituals”, about the working routines of more than a hundred and sixty of the greatest minds… and it had the strange effect on me of making me panic about how little I…

I Won't Have This Arrow Taken Out.

(Frida Kahlo, The Wounded Deer)

This Arrow

I won’t have this arrow taken out until I understand this.
I won’t have this arrow taken out until I know,
Until I’ve learnt the name of the man who…

Do We Need Border Controls in Our Personal Life?

Image: Security Girl by Banksy

I love people.
I love seeing other people’s worlds, I love diving in to explore them, and I love coming back to my own space where I can put what I’ve seen and…


One of the songs from my show I’ve enjoy playing the most, is not one of my own.  

Strangely, it’s Ode to Joy.  

I know, a strange choice of cover song.  

Made popular by Beethoven’s setting…

Here be Dragons.

“Life is a big adventure” my four year old reminded me this morning. 
I’m hoping not to forget. Please shoot me if I do, because life won't be worth living.

I’m hoping to wake up each morning looking…