Women's Vote - Is it really time to celebrate yet?

So we’re celebrating the centenary of the Women’s Vote. 

Hooray. Our daughters’ futures look bright. They can choose to be whatever they like. Anything. You can even buy Scientist and Mars Explorer Barbies! 

We’ve got equality, right? 

100 hundred years after our grandmothers have bravely fought for a better future, it is however still a reality that many women haven’t got financial independence. This can be due to many factors, unequal pay being one of them. Then there are often children, and not sufficient support from the state is yet another. 

(If anyone can tell me why women can expect to earn less than men, I’m personally very curious to hear the answer. According to the Office for National Statistics, the highest paid men are even paid 54.9 per cent more than their female colleagues.  ) 
In fact, our world is still substantially Edwardian, or even Victorian, with a huge number of women not leaving their partners only because they have no means to support themselves. I’ve heard this number might be as high as 69%! Especially if you have children, you’re not holding very good cards. 

Although we might be able to choose whether to buy pink lego or Star Wars lego for our daughters, it is often tough to make the life decisions that really count. Happiness might not be one of the choices. 

If those numbers are correct, we might as well return our right to vote. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts, opinions, experiences. (please email/message me if you’d rather not share them publicly.)

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