Walking Down Scary Movie Memory Lane


When I was young, to my delight, around Halloween all the TV channels increased their horror movie output. In fact, I probably thought the sole purpose of Halloween was  to celebrate my then favourite genre. 
It’s a little puzzling how I could get into horror movies, when, as a child, seeing Snow White bite into the apple was enough to make me hide under my cinema seat. 
The movie that sticks out even more for me (although I don’t even remember the film itself), is “Critters”. When I was about seven I watched it secretly with my best friend, who had come for a sleepover. Later, in the dark, as we were lying in our respective beds, I realised she was really scared, but didn’t want to admit it. Instead she tried to find out whether I felt similar. I didn’t - in fact, I was utterly unfazed, but suddenly found myself pretending I was, and asking if I could sleep next to her.
She readily agreed - and I remember feeling very happy in the knowledge that I made myself look utterly stupid, but was being a good friend. 
What are your scary movie memories?

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