Title? I Need a Title! You Choose!


Thanks for the suggestions, here and on social media! It was tough to choose, but I’ve decided to go with Dannydangerously’s suggestion. “Shot in the Heart” by Simonne Darkstar came a close second.


Pain shatters my heart like a grenade.  
“Don’t be ridiculous,” I say to the splintered organ.  
The fragments pulse and bleed, and I, shell-shocked,  
take out my chewing gum, glueing together what burst apart.  
“Don’t be ridiculous,” I say again, sticking the oozing mess back in my chest.  

On the train it falls out again, through the gaps between my ribs.  
I pretend it didn’t happen, ignore the curious glances,  
ignore the melodramatic organ lying splayed on the dirty floor.  
Pretending to tie my laces I pick it up and slip it into my pocket.  
“Don’t be ridiculous,” I hiss.  

In the afternoon, between emails and phone calls, I feel it playing up again.  
“Don’t be ridiculous," I say once more,  
now angry, for I have deadlines,  
and the mess on the floor  
And the absence of something pumping my blood  
Fuck up my schedule.  

“You are ridiculous.” I say.  
“I’m better off without you.”  
And I sweep it under the rug;  
quickly, as there’s a knock at the door.  
To dispose of later.  

And at night, as I lie not sleeping,  
My blood frozen in my veins,  
I feel a dull phantom pain explode in my chest.


  • Dannydangerously
    Dannydangerously Creepy Crawley
    Heartless ???

    Heartless ???

  • Annika Brown
    Annika Brown
    That's a good one, thanks for your suggestion, Dannydangerously!

    That's a good one, thanks for your suggestion, Dannydangerously!

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