Patience, anyone?

I’ve got notoriously little of it. Possibly one of my biggest challenges in life. Finding patience. 

Where do you find it? 

If you could buy Patience seeds and plant them in your garden, I’d be very enthusiastic and give it a go... but I would probably lose my will to wait and forget all about them some days later. 

If you had to go foraging for it, I’d be game! I’d get up at the crack of dawn, ready to search high and low, and even if I should find none… well, at least it would have helped pass the time. 

If some clever saint with a good head for business were to bottle theirs and and sell it, I’d be their best customer. 

I don’t care about how long it took to build Rome. But I fully understand why the Romans had such a great need for bizarre distractions.

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