Facebook, do you feel that threatened?

Dear Facebook, 

I woke up this morning to you telling me how many likes my posts have had this year. 

Excuse me, Facebook????? 

Are you telling me to measure my year - my success, my achievements, my happiness - by how many likes I’ve had?!! 

I love you, Facebook, because you help me to connect with people, but seriously… you want to reduce me to something as volatile as other people’s response to me and my output? 
You want me to be addicted to you, to need the instant gratification of someone approving of something I say or do? 

That’s why you greet me by saying, “Hey, look, I’ve made you feel good this past year, I can make you feel even better next year.” 

If I listen very closely I can even hear you scream between the lines, “DON’T LEAVE ME!” 

Facebook, are you so insecure?

I guess you should be. You’ve got a lot of rivals. And the social media world is always changing, fast. And let’s face it, we people are pretty fickle. 

Rest assured, Facebook, I’m not about to leave (YET!), as I feel affection for the people I’m connecting with through you. But I find you highly manipulative, needy and insincere. 

And I won’t lie to you, as soon as I’ve found a solution that helps me connect with others, but doesn't try and bully me; one that leaves my integrity intact… you can kiss my ass. 


A User


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