Can’t you see the flash of lightning or do you still turn a blind eye?
And the thunder’s endless rumbling, like a scary lullaby.
The stars that used to guide us are falling right out of the sky.
One by one they fall and burn, I watch them and wonder why.

And the earth has started shaking, and the houses all around
Are throwing all their shelves and all their contents to the ground.
As I wade through all the pieces of a life that’s breaking down,
I can hear the trumpets playing, and I stop and spin around.

Apocalypso, apocatango, apocawaltz with me.
Apocalypso, apocabolero, apocatwist with me.

The sun turned black and the moon blood red and there’s only light of the screens.
And there’s locusts everywhere, on every bed, in the latrines.
If the end is here, my friend, there’s nothing we can do.
So we might as well not worry, we might as well shake a shoe.

Apocalypso, apocafandango, apocapogo with me.
Apocalypso, apocaquickstep, apocazydeco with me.

Apocalypso, Apocamoonwalk, apocaswing with me.
Apocalypso, apocatime-warp, apocaboogie with me.

Apocalypso, apocabollywood, apocafreestyle with me.
Apocalpypso, apocacakewalk, apocarock with me.