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The Story So Far...

Annika Brown is full of surprises. Expect a tightrope walk between darkness and hope, between playful wickedness and tales of trials and triumphs.

She is influenced by things as varied as Blues, Rock, Folk, Cabaret, trial, visual art, and literature.

Her new album, "The Devil's Storybook, is a celebration of both the dark and the beautiful, the destructive and the joyous.The new album will be accompanied by a tour of her live show, which is half play and half cabaret - all performed in the character of the devil - combining a selection of poems by award-winning poet John Agard with her own songs.

Annika Brown released her debut album "Another Night at the Circus" in 2011, which was followed by a 5 county tour. For several years she fronted the Band Annika Brown and the Deep, then took a break during which she assessed how to best incorporate her various passions into her performance and writing. At present she is busy working on several music videos, perfecting her live show, and performing both in the UK, which is her adopted country, and occasionally in her native Germany.

"... very evocative."  - Phil Jackson, BBC South

"Epically ahead of her time."

- Richard Ward, promoter

"I love it. ...anyone who can use sawdust and sneezing in one song deserves an award. ...Tremendously imaginative. ... It really makes me happy. ... There's such a strong personality there, it's like a PJ Harvey vibe. I feel such character coming from her."  -Eugenie Arrowsmith, musician and label manager

"Has clearly got a lot of personality and vision." - Steve Hillier, record producer and singer songwriter


"Her songs are highly original and laced with humour and literary references... an inspiring live performer..."
 - Andy Georges, music publisher

"This lady has a stunning voice that has a purity which cannot be explained." Sascha Cooper, reviewer